The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services has reported significant continued COVID-19 case transmission rates in Anchorage and Juneau.

Alaska State Ombudsman offices are closed to the public.

We will reopen by appointment when DHSS reports that the risk level is low again.

Call (907) 465-4970 for more information.

  • The Alaska Ombudsman helps people who have complaints or problems with our state government.
  • We investigate complaints to determine if you were treated unfairly, unreasonably, unlawfully, or in error.
  • We make sure government processes are fair and effective.
  • We work to resolve complaints and improve government processes.
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COVID-19 Emergency Response Information & Resources

Updated information about local and state government responses to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Success Stories

We Helped Ensure Access to Dental Care

An inmate contacted us complaining that he had been waiting weeks to have an abscessed tooth extracted. While we investigated the complaint, he was referred to a community dentist for care. We found that the Department of Corrections had unreasonably delayed providing him necessary dental care.

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The Alaska Ombudsman is an independent, impartial, non-partisan agency that investigates complaints against the Alaska State Government and departments.
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Latest News

- Alaska State Ombudsman Kate Burkhart has released her latest Annual Report. This year's report includes an overview of major investigations, complaints about key state agencies, and a look back at the organization's achievements since 2017.… Read more "2021 Annual Report"
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