Our offices are closed to the public to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Call 907-269-5290 to talk with our staff or email ombudsman@akleg.gov.

  • The Alaska Ombudsman helps people who have complaints or problems with our state government.
  • We investigate complaints to determine if you were treated unfairly, unreasonably, unlawfully, or in error.
  • We make sure government processes are fair and effective.
  • We work to resolve complaints and improve government processes.
What We Do

COVID-19 Emergency Response Information & Resources

Updated information about local and state government responses to the COVID-10 public health emergency.

Success Stories

We Helped Resolve a Child Support Garnishment, Overpayment

An inmate contacted the Ombudsman asking for help because the Department of Corrections (DOC) continued to collect child support through a garnishment of his inmate account even though he had supplied proof that his obligation was satisfied several months earlier.

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The Alaska Ombudsman is an independent, impartial, non-partisan agency that investigates complaints against the Alaska State Government and departments.
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Wondering what types of complaints we investigate, what happens when you file a complaint, or the influence we have within the government?
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- Our goal is to provide information in ways that are easy to access and understand, so we now have ombudsman video outreach available on YouTube: Subscribe to the Alaska State Ombudsman channel, and share your… Read more "New Alaska Ombudsman YouTube Channel"
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