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We understand that many Alaskans have complaints about the Division of Public Assistance and ongoing delays in processing or re-certifying eligibility for Food Stamps (SNAP) and Medicaid. The Ombudsman cannot investigate these complaints because there are class action lawsuits pending. Here is Ombudsman Burkhart's statement. We can connect you to local food banks and legal assistance providers. Learn more.

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Success Stories

We Helped Ensure Access to Health Care

A woman contacted the Ombudsman complaining that, even though she was receiving Social Security for a disability, she had been turned down when seeking medical care. The Ombudsman contacted the Division of Public Assistance and learned that woman had Medicaid but that the mailing address the agency had on file for her was no longer correct. The agency corrected the address and mailed out new Medicaid coupons that day, allowing the woman to get the medical treatment she needed.

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The Alaska Ombudsman is an independent, impartial, non-partisan agency that investigates complaints about the Alaska State Government and departments.
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