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We Helped Resolve a $10,000 Overpayment

We received a complaint about the Division of Banking and Securities not returning overpaid filing fees.
The ombudsman investigator confirmed the overpayment, and determined that, while a refund was not permitted by state law, the Division had discretion to consider other ways to resolve the complaint. After the investigator communicated with the agency about the complaint, the Division identified a way to credit to the overpayment, ensuring that the complainant did not lose the more than $10,000 paid in error.

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The Alaska Ombudsman is an independent, impartial, non-partisan agency that investigates complaints against the Alaska State Government and departments.
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- We have launched a constituent survey, asking people about their experience with ombudsman services. If you made a complaint to our office recently, you may receive a survey by email or mail. This is not… Read more "Survey Says. . ."
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