Ombudsman Policies & Procedures

Since 2017, the Alaska State Ombudsman has invested in improving our practice and the ways we serve Alaskans. We started a comprehensive review of our policies and procedures in 2023. As we continue this process, we will make updated policies available here.


Ombudsman investigatory standards are established in AS 24.55.150. Ombudsman Policy 4040 provides additional explanation and definitions for the 16 standards.

Ombudsman Policy 4040

Ombudsman Investigations

AS 24.55.160 outlines the Ombudsman's investigative procedures. Ombudsman Policy 4030 defines an ombudsman investigation.

Ombudsman Policy 4030

Ombudsman-Initiated Investigations

AS 25.44.120 allows the Ombudsman to investigate the administrative actions of agencies on her own motion. Ombudsman Policy 4105 explains when and how the Ombudsman may decide to initiate an investigation under this statute. This policy also explains how the Ombudsman will respond to the referral of a matter from an investigative grand jury.

Ombudsman Policy 4105

Complaint Intake

The Ombudsman provides multiple accessible ways to make a complaint. Ombudsman Policy 4010 explains our intake process and how we decide whether and how to investigate a complaint.

Ombudsman Policy 4010

Ombudsman Grievances

Ombudsman regulation 21 AAC 10.300 provides a way for people to complain or grieve certain actions and decisions by the Ombudsman. Ombudsman policy 4101 explains how people can file a grievance, about what kinds of matters, and how the Ombudsman responds to grievances.

Ombudsman Policy 4101