Welcome to the Alaska Office of the Ombudsman. The ombudsman investigates citizen complaints against state government agencies and employees. If our investigation reveals a problem, the ombudsman may recommend a solution.

The Office of the Ombudsan is a non-partisan, neutral, fact-finding agency and takes no sides in a dispute. Our job is to determine whether state government actions are fair and reasonable.

This web site aims to provide the information you need to determine where and how to address your problems with state government. If you need additional information, please phone us at 1-800-478-2624 (in Anchorage please call 269-5290).

This web site also explains how an ombudsman's office works and how to establish an effective government complaint system. It contains an archive of previous investigations, including many of the full investigative reports that have been made public.

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INFORMATION ALERT: Ombudsman Burkhart's presentation about the Office of the Ombudsman, January 9, 2018.

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INFORMATION ALERT: Read the Ombudsman's Report in Response to Grand Jury Referral of Inquiry Into OCS, 2017.

2017-2022 STRATEGIC PLAN: Check out the 5-year roadmap for the Office of the Ombudsman.

LAWS AND REGS: For the Ombudsman Statute, click here. For Ombudsman Regulations, click here.