Our offices are closed to the public to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Call 907-269-5290 to talk with our staff or email ombudsman@akleg.gov.

  • The Alaska Ombudsman helps people who have complaints or problems with our state government.
  • We investigate complaints to determine if you were treated unfairly, unreasonably, unlawfully, or in error.
  • We make sure government processes are fair and effective.
  • We work to resolve complaints and improve government processes.
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COVID-19 Emergency Response Information & Resources

Updated information about local and state government responses to the COVID-10 public health emergency.

Success Stories

We investigated a complaint about a public guardian, alleging that the guardian refused to release the ward’s funds or provide financial reports. The investigation revealed that the complaint had been made by someone seeking to take advantage of the ward. The ward told ombudsman staff they were satisfied with the guardian’s services but would appreciate having more of their funds each month. Ombudsman staff determined that the ward’s finances were in order and offered to facilitate a meeting between the Read more “We helped prevent financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.”

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The Alaska Ombudsman is an independent, impartial, non-partisan agency that investigates complaints against the Alaska State Government and departments.
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- The Ombudsman has released the 2019 Annual Report. ...
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