Ombudsman Standards

When it investigates a state agency, the Office of the Ombudsman uses written standards to determine whether the complaint against the agency is justified. State law (AS 24.55.150) empowers the ombudsman to investigate 16 types of inappropriate actions by state agencies. The ombudsman developed definitions for all 16 based on statute, case law, and administrative best practices. These definitions are called standards because ombudsman investigators measure agency actions against them. Click on any of the 16 in the list below to see its definition.

Ombudsmen have professional standards for themselves, as well. The United States Ombudsman Association (USOA) has published standards for ombudsmen and ombudsman offices. The Alaska Office of the Ombudsman abides by these standards. They are contained in USOA's Governmental Ombudsman Standards and the Model Ombudsman Act for State Governments.