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The Office of the Ombudsman reviews complaints againts Alaska state government agencies only. The following links will take you to other agencies, organizations, and web sites that may be able to help you with issues that are not jurisdictional for the Alaska ombudsman.

Alaska 2-1-1 is a referral for hundreds of community resources, like emergency food and shelter, disability services, counseling, senior services, healthcare, child care, drug and alcohol programs, legal assistance, transportation needs, educational opportunities, and more.

Consumer Complaints

Alaska Dept. of Law: Consumer Protection Unit
Better Business Bureau of Alaska
Identity Theft
Consumer information from the U.S. government

Landlord & Tenant Complaints
The Alaska Real Estate Commission, in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Law, published a 60-page booklet on the Alaska Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. The booklet explains the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in Alaska. Many libraries keep copies of it in their reference section. It is also available on-line.

Printed copies of the booklet, titled "The Landlord and Tenant Act: What It Means to You," are available for $1.00 from:

Alaska Real Estate Commission
3601 C St., Suite 722
Anchorage, Alaska

A Landlord and Tenant Helpline for Alaskans is sponsored by the Alaska Legal Services Corporation. Staffed by volunteer attorneys, the helpline is open to receive calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 - 8 pm. The number to call in the Anchorage area is 907-743-1000. Outside of the Anchorage area, call 855-743-1001, toll-free.

Complaints of Discrimination
If you believe you have suffered discrimination because of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, parenthood or marital status, contact the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights.

Complaints by the Elderly
The Long Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO) reviews a broad range of issues and complaints affecting the health, safety, welfare, or rights of older Alaskans. The LTCO, which is separate and distinct from the State Ombudsman, also investigates allegations of abuse or neglect at residential or nursing homes for senior citizens. You can contact the LTCO toll free at 1-800-730-6393.

Federal Complaints
The Internal Revenue Service has a taxpayer advocate who can help with problems related to your federal income taxes.

The Small Business Administration's ombudsman can assist small businesses when they experience excessive federal regulatory enforcement actions, such as repetitive audits or investigations, excessive fines, threats, retaliation, or other unfair enforcement action by a federal agency. 

You may find help from ombudsman offices attached to federal agencies. To determine whether your problem agency has an ombudsman, check the membership list of the Coalition of Federal Ombudsmen.

The following Alaska elected officials may be able to help you with federal agencies: 

Senator Dan Sullivan
Senator Lisa Murkowski
Representative Don Young

Municipal Complaints
The ombudsman has no authority to investigate complaints against local (city or borough) government agencies unless the local government contracts with the ombudsman for services. At present, no local governments have contracts with the ombudsman.

For help with complaints against Alaska cities and boroughs, contact the city directly. The Municipality of Anchorage has an ombudsman for local issues. Click here for more information about the Anchorage Municipal Ombudsman.

Complaints Against Lawyers
Complaints against attorneys can be filed with the Alaska Bar Association. The complaint must be in writing. To receive a packet to file a complaint against a lawyer, contact the Bar office. You can phone the Bar office at 907-272-7469.

Complaints Against Judges
For complaints regarding the conduct of judges, contact the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Personal Disputes
Disputes between individuals can sometimes be adjudicated in Small Claims Court. The Alaska Court System published a handbook for persons considering a small claims suit. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the handbook on line.


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