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Online Complaint Form

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If the agency is not a State of Alaska agency, the Ombudsman Office probably cannot help you except to refer you to the right place. Under Alaska law, the Alaska Ombudsman investigates complaints about state agencies. Local governments are included only if they contract for our services. We cannot overturn court rulings.

It is important to try to resolve your problem with the agency's help before complaining to the ombudsman.

If you filed an appeal or grievance, what was the agency's answer? Please email copies of your appeal and the agency's answer to It is important that we know what you have done to try to resolve the problem:

Names and phone numbers of the people you contacted at the agency about your problem:

Please give us other information we need to help us investigate your complaint. (Date of birth, social security number, loan number, case number, court case number, license number. If this involves Office of Children's Services, include the children's names and birth dates. If this is a Child Support Services Division complaint, we must have your Member ID Number and the case number. The member ID is NOT the Social Security number. If the terms of support were set by court order please enclose the order and any court-approved changes to it.

IMPORTANT - We will not give your name unless you give permission.


Use the fields below to explain your complaint. Please tell us:

What did the agency do that you think is wrong?

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